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      DeFi stands for Decentralised Finance, also known as Open Finance. Defi four is a new Defi concept that differs from regular Defi by offering unsecured interest-free lending, and users can also realise the opportunity to start their own business on the blockchain network through the Defi four platform.


What is Defi Four?

Defi Four will be the future development path of Defi.
Defi Four has innovated many new concepts.
Defi Four has significant advantages over conventional Defi.

「Why Choose Defi Four」

      The platform returns most of the profits to users for higher pledge profits. Any user can realise blockchain startup opportunities with Defi four.

Regular Defi

The pledge income is not very generous, and the profits are mainly earned by the platform. Users must have collateral assets to borrow money.

Defi Four Platform

Users who contribute to the development of the platform can obtain unsecured interest-free loans.

Higher returns

This is an innovative decentralized finance. It has more advantages than conventional Defi and can get higher profits through pledge. You can also get more airdrop benefits issued by the platform in the future.

Low threshold

Defi Four allows all ordinary people to participate in the development of Defi projects without assets, which can provide additional entrepreneurial opportunities for more ordinary users around the world.


About Defi Four

Defi Four is a DeFi platform developed on the Arbitrum One network and compatible with Ethereum EVM, dedicated to providing optimized returns and efficient governance services. Defi four is a blockchain Defi4.0 concept established by a subsidiary of Antalpha, a financial services company. Defi four will be a new concept to expand the future Defi field, and Defi four's innovation will lead the new Defi market.


Operational Mode

The Defi four platform cooperates with cryptocurrency venture capital institutions and market makers, whereby the major institutions borrow cryptocurrency from the platform to invest in valuable projects, and the institutions need to give a certain amount of interest according to the borrowed amount, which is paid to the platform on a daily basis, and at the same time need to return part of the profits from the profitable projects in which the venture capital institutions or market makers are involved to the platform. The platform receives the profit and gives part of it to the ordinary pledgers, and the rest is used for the development of the platform.

Development path


Defi Four Concept Birth


Received $1.5 million in investment sponsorship


Defi Four is deployed on the Arbitrum network


Project established, WEB3.0 wallet launched


Establishment of Foundation.


Mainnet established


Initial round of financing


Defi four airdrop early stage developers.


Airdrop Contribution Users


Listed on all major cryptocurrency exchanges

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